Building a Fair and Just Industry

SommFoundation condemns racial and social injustice of all forms.

Black Lives Matter has brought this difficult issue into clear focus and prevalence. We stand with and support the Black community in the effort to effect positive, peaceful social change, and pledge our solidarity with other communities of People of Color, LGBTQ+ and all other under-represented, disenfranchised identities seeking an equitable, peaceable society.

SommFoundation was created to assist people with their efforts in beverage education and to provide increased opportunities in that arena. We believe education is a part of the antidote for injustice and inequality, and we remain committed to including people from all walks of life in SommFoundation educational opportunities.

The leadership of SommFoundation pledges to:

  • Learn from and listen to the entire professional beverage community
  • Administer our programs equitably, free from implicit bias
  • Increase our program offerings dedicated to minority and disenfranchised communities, including Black, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQ+ and others who feel their voices within the industry go unheard
  • Expand diversity, equity and inclusion within the SommFoundation leadership
  • Continually refine our actions to reflect our tangible commitment to diversity and inclusion

SommFoundation seeks to work with all leaders and members of the beverage community to make our industry just and fair.