Consorzio Italia del Vino Virtual Enrichment Trip

Welcome to the Consorzio Italia del Vino 2020 Enrichment Trip, in partnership with SommFoundation and Greg Van Wagner, creator of the Global Diagram of Wine. This one-of-a-kind educational presentation that will take you on a virtual tour of Italy.

Please be sure to read the instructions and we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox as your browser with full-screen settings for best performance. As with the Global Diagram of Wine, this tool will function best on a modern desktop or laptop.

SommFoundation invites you to take the Italia del Vino Trip 2020:

Our second discussion with winemakers details the impact of climate change on Italy’s vineyards:

As the climate continues to become less predictable, we speak to four wineries from the north to the south of Italy (Veneto, Umbria, Sardinia & Calabria) on how they are facing the challenges higher temperatures bring both in the vineyard and cellar.

Follow along on our first discussion with winemakers about heroic viticulture:

We speak with five wineries that are involved in working with vines at high-altitude
and on complex sites where viticulture is both labor and skill-intensive. From Irpinia
to Valdobbiadene, Valtellina to Trentino, to Sud-Tirol, each area presents its own
challenges and we hear from wine-makers and winery owners about how they deal
with these often treacherous conditions.

An in-depth conversation of Prosecco Superiore and Trento DOC with Gianluca Bisol and Marcello Lunelli: