International Advanced Course & Exam Scholarship

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    Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas

We invite you to apply for the 2020/2021 Court of Master Sommeliers International Advanced Exam/Course Scholarship.

***COVID 19 Info- For scholarship eligibility, we will confirm that you are eligible for your specified course/exam with the Court of Master Sommeliers. We understand that CMS exams and courses may be postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus. If your indicated exam or course is cancelled or postponed, you will still be eligible to receive scholarship funds, provided that we can verify your eligibility for said exam with CMS.

Applicants on the wait list are encouraged to apply, but those with confirmed seats at the course/exam will be given priority. Once you are moved from the wait list to a confirmed seat, please notify us immediately at

This application covers the 2020/2021 Advanced Course or Exam for INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS ONLY, it excludes residents from Canada and the United States.

This scholarship may be awarded retroactively. Scholarship amount is $1285.

Recipients for financial aid will be selected based on demonstration of need and merit.