Our Commitment to DE&I


REPRESENTATION: SommFoundation’s Board of Directors and our beneficiaries should ​reflect the rich diversity of our greater ​global community. By welcoming and integrating the knowledge, insight, and experiences of people from all walks of life, we service our communities better.

Ongoing Actions:

  • We operate with a diverse Board of Directors, we added three new members in 2021, and we will continue to add new perspectives as we grow.
  • We are actively reviewing our award selection process and discussing ways that we can invite a broader, deeper pool of candidates who better reflect the divergent backgrounds, geographies, and cultures that encompass our industry’s professional body.

ACCESS: Our enrichment experiences and scholarships are created to open doors and help students realize their goals. Whether new to the industry, desiring more global experiences, or striving to achieve a certification, SommFoundation is a valuable resource for anyone working to advance professionally.

Ongoing Actions:

  • Our applications now allow candidates to provide more information about financial or other barriers that may have impeded access in the past, so the selection committee can consider any and all hardship factors.
  • In addition to maintaining our substantial wine education opportunities, we are actively seeking sponsors to underwrite new programs supporting historically underrepresented communities.

BELONGING: Wine is culture and hospitality, it connects, enriches and transports us. Through wine we can facilitate and build lifelong relationships and inclusive communities where people feel like they belong.

Ongoing Actions:

  • Development of a formal mentorship program.
  • ​We are expanding our outreach with other industry organizations to reach a greater audience, raise awareness about our programs, and increase our applicant pool.

TRANSFO​RMATION: We acknowledge the past and present state of the industry. We are committed, both in action and investment, to ensure that a diverse set of voices and people guide our evolution now and in the future.

Ongoing Actions:

  • Collecting demographic data for internal review, discussion, and improvement in our overall outreach and development.
  • Seeking out sponsors and donors who align with our mission and values.