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“SommGeo was born out of the concept that everything in the world of wine, spirits, sake, and beer originated from a physical place. Whether you want to learn about Burgundy, Napa Valley, Piedmont, Sherry, or Scotch; wineries and distilleries have physical locations that you can navigate to, both physically and virtually. SommGeo is a 3D experience of the wine and spirits world, where you can view an entire region or zoom in on a single vineyard, down to the meter. Read up on technical information on the associated area and producers by clicking on pop-up links. Delve into detail on varietals, bottlings, climate, vintages, production techniques, terms, soils, history, laws, parcel connections, producer summaries, and other information to make you the best professional you can be. Your virtual travels will be the next-best-thing to being there.
– Greg Van Wagner

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About Greg Van Wagner

Greg grew up in central Pennsylvania. He was an avid cyclist and eventually earned a spot on the junior bike racing circuit. In 2006 he was offered a sponsorship from a Boulder cycling team and relocated to Colorado. Looking for work, he lucked out and got an interview with Bobby Stuckey. During his time at Frasca Food & Wine, service, wine and hospitality became his new focus. Greg spent several years at Frasca, followed by Oak at Fourteenth in Boulder, and then Element 47 at the Little Nell in Aspen. Greg found his new home in Aspen and decided to build his life there. In 2014, he became the Wine Director at Jimmy’s Restaurant, an Aspen institution since 1997. At Jimmy’s, Greg oversees a flourishing and ever-expanding wine program that currently offers over 1000 selections.

In addition to cycling and ski mountaineering, Greg’s passion is exploring the world. He considers himself very fortunate to spend two months a year during Aspen’s “off-seasons”, traveling abroad to wine and spirits regions around the globe. He has traveled to over sixty different areas around the beverage world, including Taiwan, Jurancon, and Turkey, along with the classic regions as well.

With a desire to document and record all that he learned on his travels and research, Greg designed a way to catalogue his knowledge and experiences in a new format, SommGeo. SommGeo represents thousands of hours and over six years in the making. He hopes this tool will be of great use and benefit to any wine lover as a way to explore the world.

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