Wine Country Women

Support women who want to work in the wine industry.

The mission of the Wine Country Women (WCW) scholarship program is to provide funding for the purpose of helping women pursue or advance their careers in the wine industry through education. This charitable initiative directly addresses diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), providing scholarships to level the playing field and provide opportunities to individuals who may not otherwise have the financial means.

WCW launched this initiative in 2023 during their inaugural International Women’s Day event in March, which is designed to be the primary fundraiser for the scholarship program, created in collaboration with SommFoundation, a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation committed to assisting beverage professionals to achieve their full potential.

The WCW scholarship is offered annually to women who are pursuing a career in the wine industry with their continued education. Opportunities for the 2023 scholarship will open in September.

We are currently seeking funds for our 2023 scholarships. Join our movement today and support the WCW scholarship program. With your support, we can become the leader of driving more women to the wine industry.

Thanks to our generous donors, WCW is attracting more women to the wine industry, feeding the talent pipeline and cultivating future leaders.

Your donation helps us drive change. Donations may be tax deductible, please consult your CPA.

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