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SommFoundation wants to help you become the best professional you can be. We offer tools and resources to help you on your journey. Please continue to check this site for the latest additions, including videos, links to SommTV and educational resources. We are very excited to offer the Greg Van Wagner Global Diagram of Wine. We expect this to be available in early 2020. This tool will be made available to individuals who donate $125 or more per year. Please watch the video below for more information.

Global Diagram of Wine

Travel around the world, one click at a time, learning along the way. The Global Diagram of Wine, by Greg Van Wagner, is an interactive mapping tool designed to share key information about vineyards, regions, grapes, etc.

Greg Van Wagner

“The Global Diagram of Wine was born out of the concept that everything in the world of wine, spirits, sake, and beer has an associated physical location. La Tache is a place, just like Napa, just like Pinhel. Wineries and distilleries have street addresses you can navigate to, both on-screen and in a car. The Diagram is built as a 3D map of the wine and spirits world, whether you want an overview of an entire country or a detailed vineyard map down to the meter. Each of the pins has pop-up technical information on the associated area. This data delves into detail on the varietals, bottlings, climate, vintages, production techniques, terms, soils, history, laws, parcel connections, producer summaries, and other facets that create the final product in your glass. You control where you go and what you learn. In lieu of traveling to each region in person, we hope that this provides the next-best experience.”

Diagram Preview 

Check out this short video to get a sense of how the diagram works and the type of information you’ll be able to access. 

Coming Soon

We’ll be offering other tools and resources, such as webinars and videos to help increase your knowledge and continue your sommelier journey. Stay tuned.